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Praise the Plague

Praise the Plague pic by Maren Michaelis

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Praise the Plague is a black metal band with a dark and devouring atmosphere.
formed in 2017 by former earth ship and Ånd members, praise the plague
released their debut - antagonist - in 2018 via black omega recordings,
followed by the ep - antagonist II - on september 13th 2019 (argonauta records)
exactly one year later. bringing the story of - antagonist - to an end, praise
the plague released - live at fall of man - on september 13th 2020. heavy, sludgy
riffs paired with a blackened dissonance, carried by staggering mid tempo
drums, indulge the depressing vocals throughout the - antagonist - era.
in 2021 the five piece signed a new deal with lifeforce records, releasing
- the obsidian gate - on july 30th. The sound evolved into a faster, more
atmospheric, yet still depressing black metal. this record would show new
depths, and paved the way into a new era. bringing - the obsidian gate -
on stage, praise the plague supported known acts like wolves in the throne
room and gaerea, played next to bands like firtan, phantom winter, e.l.r. and
a secret revealed.
with their latest release, - suffocating in the current of time - out via
lifeforce records on february 16th 2024, praise the plague continue their
sound of atmopheric black metal, enhancing it with an aggressive and
frustrated attitude.
listeners of bands like regarde les hommes tomber, der weg einer freiheit,
celeste, the great old ones, mysthyrming & ash borer will keep praise the plague
on their radar.