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Endseeker pic by Ganske Bild

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Death Metal, der große Untote unter den Metal Subgenres, erhebt sich immer und immer wieder, um mit brachialer Gewalt über die Lebenden herzufallen. Die Hamburger Band ENDSEEKER hat sich in den letzten neun Jahren, seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre 2014, schnell einen Ruf als eine der dynamischsten Abrissbirnen des europäischen Death Metal erarbeitet.
Endseeker blasen zum "GLOBAL WORMING" - ein Old School Death Metal Abriss erster Klasse!

Death metal is the great undead of subgenres: rising, again and again, to take revenge on
the living with maximum violence. Servants of the zombie code and masters of old school brutality, Germany´s Endseeker have made their intent to kill again more than apparent over the last nine years. Formed in Hamburg in 2014, the quintet have swiftly built a reputation as one of European death metal´s most dynamic wrecking crews. From the aspirational evisceration of first full-length Flesh Hammer Prophecy, to Metal Blade debut The Harvest in 2019, and the widely acclaimed Mount Carcass two years later, Endseeker have cooked up such a formidable formula that their rise to glory seems almost inevitable. But like everyone else, they were stopped in their tracks by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath. As that global horrorshow fades in the rear-view, Endseeker are poised to return with their most crushing and charismatic album to date: Global Worming. .


“It’s hardly possible to make a death metal album more diverse and competent these days.” 8,5/10

“An absolute death metal-highlight of the year” 5,5/7

“Songs people could talk about in 20 years like they do about “Left Hand Path” today” 8/10

ORIGIN: Germany
STYLE: Death Metal
RELEASE: Global Worming
LABEL: Metal Blade Records